However Skin Care Sales Stay AFloat


Meanwhile prestige skin care products were the most successful performers in 2008 staying even with the previous year on a dollar basis at $2.4bn.

Within the category anti-aging performed well as did “specialization” products such as whitening and allergy relief products which enjoyed double-digit growth.

Face products priced over $70 also enjoyed healthy growth of 4 percent and natural/spa/wellness brands grew 6 percent to $304m.

Commenting on the figures, NPD beauty analyst Karen Grant said: “Across all three prestige beauty categories, there were areas that experienced growth despite overall soft performance.

“We saw growth in premium price, natural and new innovations among trusted brands as well as alternative brand types.

“Moving forward, we must continue to look for these opportunities, find new ways to reach our consumers, and build our relationship and communication with them – that relationship is an increasingly critical part of the total value – not just price – they see in what we are offering them and in whom they choose to invest.”


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