Move Over Botox!!

Allergan, the makers of Botox may have some competition with the pending arrival of  Reloxin.  Reloxin is awaiting FDA approval and has  been used in Europe and South America.  Seems like the Europeans are always one step ahead of the U.S.,  when it comes to injectables. Perlane, Radiesse and Resytlane was also used in European countries prior to the FDA approved it.  

According to the buzz, Reloxin works quicker and last longer than Botox.  Botox lasts on the average about 3 months.  A final decision on Reloxin should be some time later this year.
It will be interesting to keep up with data and peer reviewed literature to see if Reloxin works as well as Botox and lasts longer.  Wondering what the price point will be?? Right now Botox is averaging about $14.00 a unit, yet you can get it for $10.00 a unit from some nurse practitioners and physicians.  My guess is that it may cost a little more than Botox and that maybe Allergan will begin to give the docs a break on their price so it will trickle down to consumers.  
During the depression it was a Liptstick factor… during this recession.. Botox is still on the rise and keeping steady!!!

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