The Truth about Makeup

We all have been conditioned over the past few years that mineral makeup is the best.
However, the truth is that as we age mineral make-up can make us look older and not refined.
Additionally, the SPF factor in makeup is a big hype. If you use a makeup with titanium dioxide it will flash white if you are photographed. A good alternative for a smooth refined look is make-up with Silicone. Silicone is derived from siica and it unique properties make it feel like silk on the skin. It is a water-binding agent and holds up even when wet. When you apply a silicone based foundation your skin looks flawless, youthful and glowing. A great professional make-up line to try is Face atelier.
It is innovative, simple and elegant. My skin has never looked so good with makeup on. For me, mineral makeup seeps into my fine lines and extenuates them, I don’t feel like I have a flawless look.

A word of caution when using a makeup with SPF. The SPF ingredient is not strong enough to be effective and as you wear makeup in seeps into your skin, losing more of its effectiveness. Dermatologists will generally agree that when SPF is combined with something else such as makeup it often does not retain all of its UV-filtering properties. The best advice is to use a good sunscreen under your make-up.


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