Radiesse, BioForm Medical Inc., received FDA approval to mix lidocaine in with the product. What this means to the patient is that by mixing lidocaine with the Radiesse, there will be no discomfort when injected.

Typically Radiesse, a dermal filler, is injected in the cheek area to fill the loss of volume that one gets as they age. It can also be used in the smiles line called Nasiolabial folds. Without lidocaine the physician typically administers a dental block and topical to ease the discomfort. Due to the lidocaine mixture, when Radiesse is injected you may get more swelling initially. This swelling will go down as the lidocaine wears off. Though there still may be slight swelling from the injection. This swelling may last for a couple of days. Once the swelling goes down you will be able to see the actual fullness from the filler. It is best to have less and go for a touch-up once the product has settled.

For more info on Radiesse, please visit the website www.radiesse.com or ask your MD

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