Cosmoprof Update

Back from Vegas and Cosmoprof, the largest Beauty Industry show in North America.

Last year Cosmoprof brought 25,000 people through the doors. Due to our economy, I suspect it was less this year. Nonetheless, it was still very exciting and busy. Many new product launches from companies all across the globe. I was privileged to be working with a new start-up company jeune d’age organics, a new age in skincare! Check them out. Love the anti-aging serum in mono dose packets, perfect for travel. Also a creamy delicious body lotion, gentle cleanser for everyday use and it really removes make-up. Love the Marine Toner 98% organic. Refrigerate it and drench your skin in sea water.
Other products I liked and found interesting are:

Beauty Addicts– Makeup Beauty made simple! Nice colors- nice feel.
EVO a new hair care product line from Australia- clean and edgy. My hair looks shinny and feel silky. Love the packaging. I could not find a website.
Macadamia Oil Hair Products, great mask for dry hair, use a little oil for shine. Smells delicious.
Bling Hair strands Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine. Fun for a party, wedding,prom, a night on the town or for whenever you want a little bling in your hair. They come in many colors. You can wash your hair, blow dry and use a flat iron while they are in your hair. Fun!! and Cheap!!
The Bronzer a product from Australia- Instant tan Bronzer has a shimmer in it.. looks sexy. Also comes in an instant color version – no shimmer. Layer it. Nice natural tan look.
NovaLasheyelash extensions. It has been over a week and they still look good. Can be pricey to upkeep. Guess it is a toss-up Latisse vs eyelash extensions 🙂
TheraPearls- a cooling and or heating pack which comes in different shapes. They feel squishy. Great idea for before and after injectables.
Peeka-bu- Initmate Grooming Mirror, designed by a 29 year old woman- cute concept. Check them out. Nice touch for a mom and daughter “talk” or to check those shave lines 🙂
Silque- a home hair facial threading product from Israel. If you have ever had your face threaded- you know it hurts. But it does do the job. I prefer threading to waxing. This is a new home use threading gadget. I could not find a website for it.
LustBust- a bust enhancing cream. I read the ingredients and it is basically anti-aging for the breasts. I have some to try… Don’t think I will look like Dolly Parton anytime in the near future!! Nice Packaging though!!

I may update more as I go through all my brochures..


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