Here’s to Beautiful Skin!!

Looking for the best anti-aging skin care products?

Here is a list of the top ingredients for 2009.

Look for these when buying anti-aging skin care products.

You can find many of these ingredients on your dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s shelf.

Many OTC products have some of these ingredients- however strengths differ.

Retinol- Vitamin A and Tretinoin (prescription)
Also available Retinol in none-prescription strength
Vitamin C ester- the most stable form of Vitamin C
L-ascorbic acid – also Vitamin C
Tacapherol and Tootrienol- Vitamin E
Alpha lipoic acid
Ferulic acid
Hyaluronic acid
Coenzyme -Q-10
Glycolic and other alpha and beta hydroxy acids
Argirelene, GHK, and cooper peptides
DMAE- this ingredient is banned in Canada
Idebenone, thiotaine and other anti-oxidants
Waglerin-1 a peptide found in Temple Viper
Growth Factors

To Beautiful Skin!!!



  1. we do not know all the chemicals we put into our skin, like chemicals that can make you look younger, darker complexion, etc. some chemicals may damage our skin. so too prevent ourselves damaging our skin, we should take professional advice from doctors or ever our peers in skin care forums.


  2. Peptides are one of the most efficient and effective to use for anti-aging. it increases collagen production thereby making the skin thicker and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Many skin care products contain several different peptides some Peptides in Skin Care are available in moisturizers, serums and eye creams and others.


    1. There are not enough clinical and scientific studies on peptides to determine there overall effectiveness. Vitamin A has all the scientific research and is known to build collagen and ellastin. I would caution consumers on using products which have ingredients that do not have the research to back up the claims. More research needs to be done on peptides.


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