Dysport Competition

Just when I thought I have blogged enough about Dysport, I can upon an article in Dermatology Times, Oct 2009.

According to this article, ” In a very random sampling of physicians from around the country… Doctors think it offers potential, but a lot of dermatologists seem to be taking a measured approach to trying it, rather than jumping in with both feet.”

This seems to be go along with my most recent post. Botox is reliable. There also is the problem of the way in which it is diluted and the possibility of waste once it has been diluted.

“For people who feel Botox just no longer works as well as it once did, it’s nice to have another choice.”

Dr. Greenberg, a clinical assistant professor at the University of Nevada, points out that while competition could lead to lower pricing, the packaging for both products may interfere with that.

“Because you need less product with Dysport, it should cost less. The problem is the vials are labeled for single use, and in Nevada, we are restricted to using a vial on one patient only.

“So, even if a patient only needs a small portion of the vial, we have to toss the rest away, anyway.

“If they labeled the vials for multi-patient use or made smaller vials, that would result in a lower cost,” Dr. Greenberg says.

“If Dysport made a smaller vial, I think they would overtake the market,” he says.


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