Fat Transfer or Not

Have you ever considered Fat Transfer instead of dermal fillers such as Sculptra, Radiesse, Juvederm or Resytlane for your cheek pad area? Puffing up the pads of the cheek area has become very popular lately. Check out all the model in the magazines and look at their cheeks. Madonna, Barbara Walters are 2 faces that come to my mind.

According to Matthew Schulman, MD., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in NY City. “Fat can last forever if it takes. if it “takes”-problem is even best techniques only have 50-60% “take”. I never put it in the face though because it is unpredictable.

As we age the underlying collagen and elastin fibers break down and wear out, resulting in wrinkles. We also lose what is called “subcutaneous fat” on our faces. This can causes us to look haggard, or hollow. There are many fillers on the market which when injected into the hollows of the cheek can give you a more youthful appearance. Many Plastic Surgeons use fat transfers in conjunction with face lifts to give the cheeks a fuller appearance. But this can also be overdone…causing an unnatural freakish appearance.

Fat grafting is the process of taking small amounts of fat from one part of the body and reimplanting it elsewhere, where it is needed. It takes about 30-45 minutes depending on how easy the fat is to harvest. However, because it is unpredictable, you should consult with your doctor, do your research and make an informed decision. Fat transfers are also widely used for other part of the body. The risks are minimal, there may be some soreness or swelling. The main downside is your body tends to absorb it and it can be lumpy.

When I asked four different Plastic Surgeons about Fat Transfer to the face area, only one would recommend it.


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