Comment about Now Dead Tax on Cosmetic Surgery

As I was sitting in Pete’s Coffee minding my own business, a woman started talking to me about the new Heathcare reform. I mentioned the proposed tax on Plastic Surgery. Her reaction was that Plastic Surgery is only for the “rich” therefore the rich should be taxed to take care of the rest of the population, furthermore she said, ” any elective surgery should be taxed to help pay for all necessary surgeries”. I don’t want to spew political jargon on this blog- but this encounter did press my buttons. 🙂



  1. In the past few years we have noticed a growing trend in the number of cosmetic surgery procedures that are being performed on a yearly basis. We can say that every single year we see more operations done and one factor that needs to be discusses stands in teens and cosmetic surgery popularity. This is because we have noticed that more teenagers are looking towards body modifications. Whether or not this is moral it is not something that we need to discuss but there is an impact in both our bodies and mind that has to be talked about.


    1. Yes, this is a subject matter that does need to be addressed. Where do you draw the line between obsession and simply wanting to look the best you can and feel good? The media plays a huge role in the obsession with beauty in teens and young adults. I have to separate the issue of cosmetic improvements in baby boomers vs obsessive body modifications in teens. Good topic for my next guest expert blog entry.. Thank you.


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