Top Plastic Surgery List for 2010

I came upon an  interesting article on the Plastic Surgery Channel - , that I want to share with my readers. I am surprised by the Botox stat since Botox is the #1 non-invasive procedure. I am not sure what the readership is of to put these results in perspective. But they are interesting nonetheless.

Here is the article:

“Harris Interactive recently conducted a poll through and found that out of more than 2,200 Americans, 54 percent of them would have plastic surgery if they could afford it. Of those who would have surgery, 52 percent of them chose teeth whitening first – followed by a tummy tuck operation, and then liposuction.  Hair removal was in fourth place. Surprisingly, though, only 6 percent said they would undergo Botox treatments to reduce wrinkles. Many of those who did want Botox were women, ages 45 and older. The poll showed that the number of people who would instead undergo laser skin treatments was at 13 percent.

Breast implants were also a popular choice in this poll, if not quite at the top of the picks. Among women ages 18 to 34, 24 percent said they would undergo breast augmentation if they could afford an operation. More of the older women wanted tummy tucks – especially those older than age 35.

When face lifts were a preference, it was mostly among older women. Thirty-three percent of women ages 55 and older said they would have a face lift operation if they could afford it. In the same age range, only 13 percent of men said they would do the same thing. And the poll showed overall that the older adults were least interested in having any plastic surgery. More than half the people ages 55 and said they would not have any cosmetic surgery, even if they could afford it. This suggests that though people older than age 50 do undergo plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, the statistics reveal higher numbers among younger people who want to delay looking old.”


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