Cosmetic surgery ‘popular’ among teenagers in the UK

A survey conducted by found that 41 per cent of girls aged 13 to 16 would like to have a cosmetic treatment of some kind.

Of those, 62 per cent said that they wanted a breast augmentation and 55 per cent wanted to change teeth through cosmetic dentistry.

The overwhelming reason for wanting a procedure was a lack of self-confidence, although bullying was also a strong influence.

Christiana Clogg, co-founder of the website, commented: “The number of teens that want cosmetic surgery is very alarming and it saddens me to see that a lot feel bullied into considering a procedure.

She added: “There are certainly procedures that young people are allowed, such as mole removal and cosmetic dentistry, but however small the procedure, we encourage everyone to do the relevant research on our site to ensure maximum safety.”

Leading cosmetic surgery provider the Harley Medical Group, recently announced breast augmentation to be their most popular cosmetic procedure but it is not a procedure open to under-18s.


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