Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

I have a love/dislike with this industry.. hate is too harsh a word.  I love all the new medical technologies and innovations. New skin care products are continuously evolving with  different forms of stem cells, new raw materials, and exciting technologies to combat aging skin.

I love this industry… a true love/dislike with the world of beauty.
Beauty is both on the inside and the outside…. You may look beautiful on the outside, yet be truly ugly on the inside..There is no surgical fix for ugliness on the inside…

Can our obsessions about our looks and aging actually be unhealthy? Where do we draw the line? How much is too much?  When do we just let go, be healthy, happy, and embrace aging.  These questions haunt me at times..

I love seeing women  who stop coloring their hair. and go naturally grey.

I meet many women in their 50’s who look fabulous and have never tried Botox or fillers.  Would their features look softer with a little injection? Sure it would… yet  they are not ready or prefer not to do it.  Do I really believe that when they look in the mirror that they don’t see the lines or wrinkles or  that they really don’t care? No! I don’t.

It’s a personal choice.. I choose to get my Botox fix, my fillers, laser, and cosmetic surgery.

Do I have a negative image of who I am?  NO. I embrace aging but at the same time, feel that if I can continue to look as young and vibrant as I feel, why not. We all age at different rates, depending on our genetic make-up, the amount of exercise we do and what we put in our mouth.

Our body parts age differently too.. gravity is a fact of aging.. with menopause comes dry skin, loss of elasticity, a fuller waist line, loss of sex drive, sagging neck, jowels, droopy eyes, droopy breasts, you get the picture…  Who do you see in the mirror?

Perhaps, having breast augmentation  is more about self-esteem and feeling sexy than vanity..  Having a facelift can lift your spirits.

I am lucky that aside from my mother’s neck, I have good genes. Yet, I still have to be conscious about what skin care products I use, protect my skin from the sun, watch what I eat, exercise, color my hair. Will I ever give up Botox, fillers, or stop embracing new products and treatments? Probably not…yet a part of me is always wondering what would it be like to just age naturally?

It’s a personal choice whether to age gracefully or naturally, or whether to take advantage of the many wonderful aesthetic technologies we have today.

I would love you to share your thoughts on this subject…


One comment

  1. I share your dilema about aging. I did let my hair go natural ( gray – actually a silver gray) and constantly get compliments on it. Should have done that earler! As for skin care, I think most women want to look their best. I “go natural” from time to time and get compliments on my skin, because I do use great skin care products. I have not ventured into Botox yet, but seriouly thinking about it for my deep furrow on my forehead. Because I do take care of my skin, most cannot believe my age, and that is a great feeling. What a boost to my ego! So, for me – I won’t give up my skin care because it makes me feel good. I think that’s true for most women that do use cosmetics and skin care. If you look good, you feel good.
    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It must be me, that’s all I see!


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