It’s Not About Vanity!

I have a love/hate with the beauty industry. How much is too much obsession with aging?   As women, we tend to be high maintenance, especially as we age.  Of course,  I cannot speak for all women.  It takes a lot of work to keep yourself looking as good as you feel.  Interestingly, I’ve  meet many baby boomer women who say that they are content with the way they look, wrinkles and all.  I applaud those women who let their hair go grey, have never tried Botox, cleanse their face with soap, use little or no face-creams, go au natural without make-up, eat healthy, and feel great or so they say.  Are you really OK with the aging process? Do you vehemently oppose trying Botox or fillers because it is unnatural to alter nature, is it a fear of needles, on  principle or strictly economics?

Is is wrong to want to look refreshed on the outside?

We are lucky to live in world evolving  anti-aging technologies. The choices are many- from  anti-aging skin care, to non-invasive treatments to surgery.  Is there a fine line between looking natural and overdone?  I think so.  You can look totally natural with a little Botox to soften frown lines or crows feet or on the other hand you can look frozen and unnatural. Fillers can  plump up the loss of volume in our cheeks and temple area giving a more refreshed look. Or they can overdone.

I started getting Botox injections in my early 40’s before its FDA approval. My  deep furrows are now gone from my forehead and  I go less often for injections.  My kids tease me that one day I will be in a nursing home begging for Botox. 🙂   I like not having deep furrows and frown lines.  I like  appearing younger than I really am , and at the same time I am proud of my  age. I don’t want to look  like I am 20 years old. Yet, I want to look as good as I can.

It’s all  about maintenance- I color my grey, shape my brows, use good skin care products, have chemical peels, get manicures and pedicures,  take vitamins, watch what I eat, exercise ( though not as often as I should) get my Botox fix, and fillers when needed.  Is this too much?  Perhaps some people may think I am obsessed.

You feel as good as you look.. and you look as good as you feel.. Maintaining your looks takes work.. and what is wrong with that? It’s not about vanity- it ‘s about feeling good!!

As Coco Chanel said,


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