Your Image: Your Brand

Listen up! Did you know that your image is YOUR brand? Yes, when people meet you at a networking event, a live- webinar, video or a seminar or workshop- you are your brand.

What does that mean? The first impression people have of you is going to carry through to whatever message you are sending professionally.

We live in a visual society!!

All too often I see people, woman in particular, whose appearance is not congruent with their brand image. This does not mean that you have to look like a celebrity, have cosmetic surgery or get Botox injections.

Here are some friendly tips and suggestions to look your best whether it is online or in person. When you are looking good you feel good and your self confidence soars together with a healthy self-esteem.

1. Never produce a video for online views if you are not feeling well and look like “crap” It’s so unprofessional. Nothing is that important that you can’t wait until you are feeling better.

2. Take care of your skin. There are many products and treatments on the market today to make it easy to have glowing skin. Get a consultation with a reputable aesthetician or dermatologist to get on a good skincare routine.

3. Ladies, if you color your hair, time your hair appointments around your events and videos. There is no excuse for grey roots to be peaking out. If you need a quick fix, there are several color sticks on the market to cover the grey until your next salon visit.

4. Nails, Nails Nails!! Polish. Clean and fresh.

5. Make-up please. Even if you don’t wear make-up. Take a trip to your local department store or Mac store and get some tips on applying make-up. You don’t need a lot. In-fact the older you are the less you need. Concealer, mascara, eyeliner, shadow, foundation, blush and lipstick. A little can go a long way.

6. If you are over 50, have deep furrows in the brow area that makes you look harsh or angry, consider some Botox. It really does not hurt, and does wonders to make you look refreshed and rejuvenated. The cost is between $10.00 and $15.00 per unit. You will need at least 20 units for between your brows. See a board certified dermatologist for advice. Be wary of Groupon deals.

7. Know your best angle and side when you are creating videos. Play to your good looks and best angles. If you don’t know, experiment or have a professional photogragher or videographer work with you.

8. If you are speaking to an audience either live or online, loose the chunky distracting jewelry. Wear simple, elegant pieces. Pearls are always perfect. Jewelry should not be noisy when you speak or move around.

9. Wear professional outfits that exude professionalism. Hire a fashion consultant to go shopping through your closet. Dish those unflattering outfits that make you look matronly and like a sack of potatoes.

10. And lastly- invest in your appearance. It is a reflection of your self-esteem, not vanity. When you look good you feel good.

Stay tuned for more tips and a video coming soon!!

Be your best!!



  1. Investing in your appearance is important, now that everyone expects a woman to be smart and beautiful. Plastic surgery is also an option if you want to tweak a few things on your body or face. As long as you go for the best surgeons, you don’t have to worry about them botching your new assets.


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