Keeping Your Smile Young: The Effects of Aging

When people talk about physical aging, the main topics of discussion tend to be specific issues like wrinkling or graying hair. These tend to be the most noticeable effects of aging, are very specifically linked to growing older. However, they are not the only physical changes to look out for. In fact, one of the most commonly overlooked but very prevalent physical effects of aging is that many people find their smiles beginning to look “old.” This can be due partially to changing facial structure, but in most cases it is due to declining oral health, which can cause your teeth and gums to look like they are poorly cared for, and ultimately make your smile old and unattractive. Here are a few specific issues to keep an eye out for.

•           Stained Teeth – Over the years, even people who take consistently good care of their teeth often find that the surfaces of their teeth become stained anyway. This can be due to a number of different factors, from smoking, to coffee consumption, to many others. Fortunately, there are several ways to address this sort of problem and keep your teeth looking bright, healthy, and therefore young. You have numerous options with store-bought products or dental procedures, and most are very effective at whitening your teeth.

•           Receding Gums – A very common byproduct of the aging process, receding gums can be hard to notice at first, but if they become more severe they can give your smile an unhealthy, unkempt appearance that can age your smile and face significantly. This is a harder issue to treat on your own, but if you visit a site like

you can find a dentist in your area and consult about cosmetic dental procedures designed to restore your gums. It’s a bit more involved, but the results will contribute to making you look young and healthy.

•           Lost Teeth – Occasionally, people lose teeth as they begin to age, though if you brush and floss regularly throughout your life there will be far less risk of a problem like this. Still, having a tooth or two that needs to be removed due to decay is not uncommon, which is why it is a good idea to be aware of dental implant procedures. These days, there are numerous different ways for fully functional and realistic looking dental implants to be put in, and in most cases they blend in seamlessly with your mouth, helping you to avoid glaring gaps or silver teeth, as people used to have. This too can help you to keep your smile young and vibrant.


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