Before Cosmetic Procedures: Decision Making

It’s  tempting to buy a Groupon or Daily Deal for Botox, Laser Treatment or Fillers.
Maybe you are new-bee to Botox or Fillers and the price is enticing.bigstock_Plastic_Surgery_7840819
So you book an appointment, only to either have a bad experience or spend more money than you planned.

Now, I’m not saying that all Groupons and Daily Deals are misleading or that the doctor is inexperienced  in the field of aesthetic medicine.

However, keep in mind that a busy practice or medical spa does not need  to advertise in Groupon and Daily Deals.

Buyer Beware.

With the continued explosion of cosmetic treatments and surgery plus the declining rate of insurance reimbursements for medical doctors, more non-core specialty doctors will decide enter this very lucrative business. Before you consider cosmetic procedures answer these questions first.

1.What are my expectations? My aesthetic goals?
2.What is my budget for consultations and the procedure?
3.Do I have the time to do the research on doctors or do I need more guidance ?
4.How many consultations will I go to?
5.Will I have the emotional support of my family both pre-op and post-op?
6.Does the procedure fit into my lifestyle?
7.Can I take the time I need to recover?

These are some of the questions you should consider as a first step towards any cosmetic procedure.
If you are unhappy with your life, having cosmetic procedures or surgery is not going to make you feel better. Be careful that you are doing this for the right reason. Many unhappy patients are unhappy not because of the aesthetic outcome, they are just unhappy in general.

If you are opting for cosmetic surgery, hopefully it will be a life-changing positive journey.  Being an informed patient will make this a positive experience.

If you would like professional guidance there are resources such as a cosmetic procedure coach.

Please share your experiences.



One comment

  1. As it says “Look befor you leap”, you should dig deep all the positive and negative effects of plastic surgeries before commiting for one. Even if you choose a non-surgical cosmetic surgery, you can’t assure 100% safety. My advice is to go after a reputed surgeon rather than price. A decision of $1000 may even spoil your entire future if it comes badly.


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