Shopping for Plastic Surgery : Buyer Beware

Yet another tragic needless plastic surgery death has been reported.  A 28year-old New York woman, Beverly Brignoni, died  from a  massive pulmonary embolism while getting a tummy tuck and liposuction in the Dominican Republic.

plastic surgery nude

Medical Tourism is on the  rise, as American woman seek low-cost plastic surgery and go abroad for these services.  Prices can be from 50 -90 percent  less than plastic surgery prices in the U.S., tempting many consumers.

People are flocking to Brazil, Poland, Mexico, India, China, Dominican Republic, Thailand  and even South Africa where they can go on Medical Safaris. Some countries are offering “extreme makovers”.

Safety, Recovery and Post-op care are major issues.

Medical training and  safe surgical facilities are key factors when considering any cosmetic procedure. The standards of surgical facilities  abroad  are different than the standards in the U.S.

I’ve know woman who have gone to Mexico for facelifts, they were lucky and had good outcomes. However, its wise to use caution before committing to plastic surgery  abroad. Buying cheap plastic surgery  can be deadly and disfiguring.  Ask yourself is it really worth it?

The same holds true for bidding online for plastic surgery procedures. This is a BAD idea.

If you can’t afford a plastic surgery procedure, save your pennies. Set up a special plastic surgery fund, maybe ask your spouse to match the funds that you save.

For more information on Safe Plastic Surgery download my  FREE guide “Safety First”. You’ll find this to be a handy E-book with valuable content to use before and during your plastic surgery consultation.

“You can return designer shoes, but you can’t return your face or body! Choose Wisely!”



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