Latest UpDate: Hot Trends in Beauty

The Latest In Hot Beauty Trends


I’ve been meaning to write this post after I had the pleasure of attending  the  American Academy of Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) meeting in San Francisco several weeks a ago.

I attended many interesting  lectures, sampled products, had a skin tightening treatment and brought home a bag of skincare products to try. Here are my highlights from the meeting:

The Most Talked About Procedures

By far the most buzz was about  Zeltiq’s CoolsculptingA non-surgical F.D.A. approved body contouring treatment that freezes your fat. Patent’s before and after pictures were quite impressive. In fact some surgeons are saying they are getting better results than with traditional liposuction. As with any treatment, patient selection is important. This is one treatment, I’m anxious to try.  You can listen to my interview with Dr. Grant Stevens on NipTuck Coach Radio to learn more about this procedure.

Along with Body Contouring Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) was another hot topic. Curvy bodies are in; thin and lanky bodies are out. Women across different cultures are seeking a big tush. In some parts of the world the bigger the better.  As trends come and go. I’ll be keeping a close eye on BBLs.

Products I tried

I was curious about this new product Neotensils,  Spanx for the Eyes.  An instant  temporary eye lift/tightening  treatment for a day.  I had it applied by a company representative at the booth. It took several minutes and looked like spackle for the face.  If you are planning to use this product  before a special event, practice the application technique a few times.  This product takes time to apply and dry. If it is not applied right it will crinkle up.  My eye area looked smoother, it felt tight, but if you looked closely you could see a transparent film directly underneath my eye area.   At first I could feel the  product on my skin, then I got used to the feeling.  After several hours the skin under my eyes started to itch, but not enough to remove the product. Neotensils comes with a special removal lotion which was easy to use. The product slid right off.  Price $500.00 for seven-week supply.  A little pricey for what it is. You can only buy this through a medical office. I’ll pass on this one at this price point.

My favorite skin care  product was Love My Body.  Love My Body was founded by two amazing women.  Their motto is  “love my skin, love my body™ I had a Probiotic Treatment.  It was a pleasant treatment with very mild tingling. I had an immediate glow.  My skin felt more hydrated looked smoother. This treatment helps to balance the ph and micoflora of the skin. A great treatment pre and post laser or chemical peel.  Love My Body has an array of products for Aging, Acne, Sensitive Skin and  Body and Bath Products. This one is a winner. You can buy their skincare line at spas and medical practices only and the Bath and Body line  online.

I am trying a new eye cream from eraclea® a skincare company which I was not familiar with before ASAPS. Eraclea® products feature the HylaSponge® System in combination with select antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and botanicals.  My eye area is always very dry, so I ‘ll try any eye cream and I’ve tried many. So far I like  this eye care product. It’s moisturizing as well as lifting in the eye area. 

I  love Glisodin Skin Nutrients. My favorite product is the Advanced  Skin Brightening Formula. Glisodin supplements contain  SOD (Superoxide Dismutase)  which is an enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of the aggressive free radicals produced by oxygen metabolism which can damage our cells.  My skin has a distinct glow from using the supplements .My skin looks brighter. You can find  Glisodin at medical spas, medical practices and online. Price $80.00 for 30 day supply.

Skin Tightening

I also had skin tightening treatment, Venus Legacy.  This treatment uses radio frequency plus magnetic fields for skin tightening. I had a treatment on my neck. It was totally painless. I felt a little heat. The treatment was relaxing. My neck was slightly red after the treatment, but the redness went away quickly. I only had one treatment which lasted 25 minutes, so its difficult to really review the efficacy of this device for skin tightening as 4-6 treatments are needed one week apart to see results. Average Price: $350.00 per session.

Currently, I am having  a series of  sublative laser rejuvenation treatments and will post after my last treatment.

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