Plastic Surgeons Use Instagram to Lure Patients

Social media has a huge influence on consumers and some plastic surgeons are using it to lure patients. These tactics may put consumers at risk for bad plastic surgery with serious complications.

Instagram is the biggest lure for patients. Plastic Surgeons around the globe are using different gimmicks to attract new patients.  There has been several recent articles discussing this danger. One article recently appeared in the Daily Mail, discussing how plastic surgeons are strategically using ‘soft porn’ images on social media to promote their businesses. This is especially true on Instagram.  These images are sending false messages of body perfection and contributing to body dysmorphia and anxiety.

More and more people especially young woman are influenced by photos on Instagram.  These photos give false expectations and false hope.  Our bodies are not perfect, even with plastic surgery.  Photo touching apps can easily make anyone look better, yet these are unrealistic expectations.

Generally most people are not really aware of all the risks nor do they take their time to research surgeons or even know the right questions to ask. Making the right choice is complicated.  As a plastic surgery coach, I have counseled many more revision clients over the past year than ever before.

As we approach the holiday season, plastic surgeons are also using Instagram for promoting free surgery and filler giveaways.  I don’t know any highly skilled Board Certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is so hungry for business to promote free giveaways. All very scary, yet unfortunately tempting to many people who are not educated in the risks of plastic surgery. Filler injections in the hands of an unskilled doctor or unlicensed professional is also dangerous and can lead to many complications.

Be aware that plastic surgery has risks. Complications during and after plastic surgery can happen to any trained Board Certified Surgeon, but the odds are much less.  Patients can also experience filler complications even when injected by a highly trained licensed medical professional.

If you are using social media as your primary source of information, you are increasing your risks for complications or worse.   There are many factors to consider before deciding whether plastic surgery  is right for you.  Choosing a plastic surgeon is only part of the process.

  • Don’t be influenced to choose a plastic surgeon by their social media pictures or promotional videos
  • Don’t choose a plastic surgeon because the practice is giving away a free procedure or filler injections
  • Don’t choose a plastic surgeon because they have thousands of Instagram followers
  • Don’t choose a plastic surgeon based on price
  • Don’t choose a plastic surgeon solely based on posts in any private Facebook plastic surgery group
  • Don’t choose a plastic surgeon because they have a TV show or lots of media sound-bytes

Choose a plastic surgeon based your in-depth personal research or hire a trusted expert a plastic surgery coach who has already done all the research for you.




Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

I have a love/dislike with this industry.. hate is too harsh a word.  I love all the new medical technologies and innovations. New skin care products are continuously evolving with  different forms of stem cells, new raw materials, and exciting technologies to combat aging skin.

I love this industry… a true love/dislike with the world of beauty.
Beauty is both on the inside and the outside…. You may look beautiful on the outside, yet be truly ugly on the inside..There is no surgical fix for ugliness on the inside…

Can our obsessions about our looks and aging actually be unhealthy? Where do we draw the line? How much is too much?  When do we just let go, be healthy, happy, and embrace aging.  These questions haunt me at times..

I love seeing women  who stop coloring their hair. and go naturally grey.

I meet many women in their 50’s who look fabulous and have never tried Botox or fillers.  Would their features look softer with a little injection? Sure it would… yet  they are not ready or prefer not to do it.  Do I really believe that when they look in the mirror that they don’t see the lines or wrinkles or  that they really don’t care? No! I don’t.

It’s a personal choice.. I choose to get my Botox fix, my fillers, laser, and cosmetic surgery.



After the first week, recovery is still slow. I am tired with low energy. My husband is having a difficult time with my recovery, and keeps telling me he just wants his pretty wife back. He does not understand why I am putting myself through this.

10 days after my surgery, I start feeling stronger and take extra strength Tylenol for discomfort. No pain. My neck looks great, however, I am still swollen, so it is difficult to see the final results. No more bands or creepiness. I am pleased.

I have some stitches that are bothering me on one side. They should dissolve but this could take a several more weeks, I am told. They feel sharp and hurt behind my ear. If they do not dissolve, I will have them removed.

One side of my face is still more swollen then the other, I understand that this is common. I am not worried.

By two weeks, I am looking pretty good.. my bruising is almost all gone with the exception of below my right eye. Just a little yellow now in certain areas. With make-up, no one would know . My eyes are healing nicely. I am still numb under my chin, on the sides of my face and feel a pulling sensation around my neck. I am also very itchy at times. This is all normal.

I still can’t wear earrings as my ears are still swollen. I do notice that my lobes now look different, something to address with my surgeon.

One month later, I am looking good.. no more bruising. My face a wonderful glow, my check look tight, but not too tight and my neck looks good. At this point, I am pleased with the results and feel the cost was worth it.

Costs range from $10,000- $20,000 for a full face, neck plus upper eyelid. You also have to include, anesthesia, nurses, OR, hospital or hotel room if you are out -of-town. Some plastic surgeons have their own recovery suite in their OR.