Cutera Lasers

Is Pearl Fusion worth it??.. update

It has been 2 months since my laser treatment on my chest, neck and peri-oral area.  Is it worth it??

I am not going to give a definitive answer yet, however, these are my observations.

1. My chest area is still slightly bumpy, slightly pink and in the light you can still see the vertical lines from sleeping all these years on my side. It does look a little better and smoother.

2. Hardly any pink around my mouth area. I really so not see much difference here in the vertical lines. The technician was agressive in this area using both YAg and Ablative. I will discuss setting and depth in another blog post. I developed a very small hypotropic scar above my lip line, which I hope resolves. I am not sure why this happened- however, I apparently healed too quickly in this area. I also noticed that my lips looked flatter, consequently I felt like a needed to plump them.

3. My initial reaction is that Co2 Lasers are more effective in building collagen and go deeper.  This seems to be the gold standard. Cutera ( is the manufacturer of the Pearl Fusion and it is not a Co2 Laser.  There is much controversy in the laser resurfacing arena.

So far I am not impressed with Cutera’s Pearl Fusion.  If anyone has had any laser resurfacing experience, I welcome your comments.