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The Mineral Make-up Myth

Mineral Make-up lines have done a great marketing job, convincing women that mineral make-up is better for the skin.

Suggesting that all other products are not safe or not as good for your skin is absolutely wrong and deceptive. All cosmetics are safe and are highly regulated by the FDA. 
Choosing a cosmetic should not be based on marketing, but based on what looks and feels good on your skin.  Mature skin has a different need that  20-year old skin. 
 I  for one do not like mineral make-up for several reasons.
First, the particles sink into my pores accentuating my fine lines, not smoothing them. Secondly, I find that some of the minerals in the blushes and powders break apart in the compact very quickly,  Thirdly, the SPF in mineral makeup is NOT enough to be effective- again a marketing myth.  Use must use a sunscreen in addition to your make-up.  It drives me crazy knowing so many consumers are hooked into the myth of mineral make-up. 
Make-up containing Silicone makes your skin appear smooth and feel like silk. It can actually improve the way your skin looks. Whenever, I wear a silicone based liquid foundation, I ALWAYS get compliments on my skin.  Silicones are added to cosmetics simply because they work.  
 Two-time Emmy award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett comments, “silicones’ unique properties have completely redefined the performance and look of modern makeup.”  
 Professional make-up artists generally do not use mineral- as mineral does  not photograph well.
One professional line of make-up that I really like is Faceatelier, developed by a woman who saw a need to provide a simple quality make-up line to women of all ages and professional artists.
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