Recovery Facelift


After the first week, recovery is still slow. I am tired with low energy. My husband is having a difficult time with my recovery, and keeps telling me he just wants his pretty wife back. He does not understand why I am putting myself through this.

10 days after my surgery, I start feeling stronger and take extra strength Tylenol for discomfort. No pain. My neck looks great, however, I am still swollen, so it is difficult to see the final results. No more bands or creepiness. I am pleased.

I have some stitches that are bothering me on one side. They should dissolve but this could take a several more weeks, I am told. They feel sharp and hurt behind my ear. If they do not dissolve, I will have them removed.

One side of my face is still more swollen then the other, I understand that this is common. I am not worried.

By two weeks, I am looking pretty good.. my bruising is almost all gone with the exception of below my right eye. Just a little yellow now in certain areas. With make-up, no one would know . My eyes are healing nicely. I am still numb under my chin, on the sides of my face and feel a pulling sensation around my neck. I am also very itchy at times. This is all normal.

I still can’t wear earrings as my ears are still swollen. I do notice that my lobes now look different, something to address with my surgeon.

One month later, I am looking good.. no more bruising. My face a wonderful glow, my check look tight, but not too tight and my neck looks good. At this point, I am pleased with the results and feel the cost was worth it.

Costs range from $10,000- $20,000 for a full face, neck plus upper eyelid. You also have to include, anesthesia, nurses, OR, hospital or hotel room if you are out -of-town. Some plastic surgeons have their own recovery suite in their OR.