Five hours later, I woke up. No nausea.  I was under MAC monitored anesthesia care. Felt nothing and had no nausea. Definitely a better option then general anesthesia. I would recommend not going under general, however it is best to confer with your surgeon.

My head felt tight. I had a helmet  on covering my head, which wrapped around my chin, and my eyes were gooey from the ointment  in them. I felt a little pain around the area where the sutures were and took a Vicodin . I heard my nurse’s voice, but I  could not really see her.  I don’t remember how I got dressed, but I do remember getting into the car to drive  to the Hyatt, down the road. Once there  I got undressed and went straight to bed.


The Day of Surgery Finally Arrives…July 22

July 22, 2010. My surgery date for a face-lift, neck-lift and upper eyelid surgery.

My surgery is schedule for a 1Pm and I have to be there by 11AM. We leave a little early so that I can stop at the local Hyatt, where I am staying for two nights, to drop off my overnight bag and all my post-op goodies.  I had arranged for an early check-in so that my overnight nurse would not have to deal with my things right after the procedure.

I am feeling a little anxious as I get ready to leave to make the one hour trip to Santa Rosa, CA. I make sure that I have my new foam slant pillow, straws, gauze pads, jello, pudding and Gatorade for my two- day stay. I wear  my sweats and a hoodie, as they will be easy to put on afterward my surgery.

I don’t have much to say  in the car on the way.   My husband and I get to Hyatt in plenty of time and I check in, leaving my bags with the front desk, since my room was not ready yet. We sit in the lobby of the Hyatt and  I watch the time so I can  take my anti-nausea pill one hour before surgery.

The time has come and we are ready to drive five minutes down the road to ZPL’s  office and surgery suite. http://www.lorenc.com Jennifer is there, greets my husband and leads us into the consult room to wait for  ZPL.  My husband has never met him and I can tell  he is feeling somewhat uneasy about all of this. While we wait, Jennifer hands my husband a copy of Dr. ZPL’s book, “A Little Work”, to read.  It gave my husband something to do as we wait.