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Here’s to Beautiful Skin!! Top 30 List

Looking for the best anti-aging skin care products?

I first wrote this post in 2009- 10 year ago.  As we approach the holidays and winter, I thought this is a perfect time to update my list and add some cautionary tips.

Since buying skincare products is very confusing let’s first look at how to read skincare product labels to ensure that you are buying effectively.

  1. Read to to the end. The first 5 ingredients are the bulk of the formula. However low-levels can also be effective, but don’t expect much
  2. Watch out for alcohol listed as one of the first three ingredients – buy another product
  3. Some of the ingredients have long names which refer to their chemical structure
  4. Most brands add additional ingredients for the uniqueness of the brand, that does not mean it is more or less effective

Look for these ingredients when buying anti-aging skin care products. You can find many of these ingredients on your dermatologist and plastic surgeon’s shelf.

You can also find many of these ingredients in OTC products sold in Sephora or on websites like The Dermstore.

Keep in mind that many OTC products have some of these ingredients- however strengths differ.  Professional skincare products sold through aesthetic practices usually contain higher strengths of some of these ingredients especially Retinol.

Look for clinical trials

Here’s is my updated list of 30 good healthy skin ingredients. 

  1. Retinol- Vitamin A and Tretinoin (prescription)  best anti-aging ingredient
    Also available Retinol in none-prescription strength
  2. Vitamin C ester- the most stable form of Vitamin C Anti-oxidant
  3. Cerimides- seal in moisture
  4. Collagen- benefits your hair, skin and nails
  5. L-Ascorbic Acid, Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate – also Vitamin C
  6. Tacapherol and Tootrienol AKA Vitamin E- helps fight wrinkles and fines lines
  7. Alpha lipoic acid-superior anti-oxidant reduces the sign of aging
  8. Ferulic acid- antioxidant and anti-aging
  9. Hyaluronic acid-hydration. It holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water
  10. Vitamin K- helps with dark circles under the eyes
  11. Squalane- hydration
  12. Jojoba oil- rich in Vitamin E, zinc and B-vitamins
  13. Vitamin F– linoleum acid – Omega rich for heath  looking skin
  14. Kojic Acid-brightens and is an anti-oxidant
  15. Niacinimide– brightening and hydrating
  16. Mandelic Acid– exfoliating sensitive skin
  17. Marula Oil– good for dry skin, anti-microbial
  18. Lactic Acid-caution it can be drying
  19. Coenzyme -Q-10– powerfull anti-oxidant and boosts collagen
  20. Kinetin- reduces signs of aging and uneven pigment
  21. Glycolic and other alpha and beta hydroxy acids-powerful exfoliants to boost collagen and elastin
  22. Argirelene, GHK, and cooper peptides-antibacterial and anti-infammatory
  23. DMAE– this ingredient is banned in Canada- anti-aging and fine lines
  24. Idebenone, thiotaine and other anti-oxidants- improves fine lines and wrinkles and prevents cell damage
  25. Peptides- are short chains of amino acids that are building blocks of proteins for texture, strength and resilience
  26. Green Tea– anti-aging
  27. Resveratrol- powerful anti-oxidant
  28. Waglerin-1 a peptide found in Temple Viper- helps fight against sagging
  29. Growth Factors- help to maintain height skin structure and function
  30. Plant Stem Cells-help to renew your skin

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And watch out for product containing Parabens, Sulfates, Artificial Dyes, and  too many acids with vitamin C.

To Beautiful Skin!!!

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone. This post contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase I may make a commission.


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Plastic Surgery Confession: In Search of a Perfect Neck

I booked my pre-op appointment for 6 weeks before my scheduled surgery.  Ahhh such anxiety .. no turning back now.. Deposit was made. How and when to tell my husband?  I would begin the process of telling him- then chicken out..One  woman whom I spoke with actually had her FL ( facelift) while her husband was out of town.  She told me by the time he came back she had mostly healed, just a little bruised. . According to her account her husband  took it pretty well… However, this was not one of my choices, as I knew that my husband WOULD NOT appreciate not telling. Plus, I don’t think this is a good strategy. Though, not uncommon.

There are many men who are OK with cosmetic surgery and actually understand why so many people opt for it.. On the other hand there are many husbands/partners who just DO NOT.   My husband falls into that category.  In his eyes I am beautiful.  I respect him for thinking this way.  However, this is my choice and  it really has nothing to do with him.

My husband probably would  be more open to breast enhancement …. isn’t that just like a man!! 🙂

The most important part of this journey is that I have his love and support during my recovery. And I know that I can count on that regardless of how he may feel.

Many men, in my opinion have  apprehensions about their wives or partners  having cosmetic surgery. Perhaps, it  a combination of  insecurity, fear of surgery complications,  the unknown, and final outcomes.  The Internet is full of horror stories.  I  recently read an article which said  that  some woman have surgical procedures as a prelude to divorce or break-ups.

I make all my arrangements, to spare him, knowing that I will look awful right after the surgery.  My thinking is that is if I stay away for 3- 4 days, by the time he first sees me after surgery, I will have begun the healing process.  Plus, their is nothing like a  girlfriend’s  support.   Since the plastic surgeon’s office is out of town about an hour or so from home,  I would make arrangements to stay overnight at a hotel nearby with an R.N. for the first 24 hours, which is mandatory, as well as critical.- then go to my cousin’s house who lives nearby  for the next 2 days.

Finally, one week prior to my pre-op – I spring the news during dinner.  My birthday present to myself, I tell him,  “Just a little tightening of the neck.” Emphasizing my need for his love and support.  His reaction at first, makes me laugh.. He recites a  comedy monologue  routine about women and their obsession for beauty.  We laugh a bit.  This helps break the ice.   He tells me his displeasure about this decision and that it concerns him that he was not consulted.  He asked me if it mattered what he thought. Yes, it mattered, I told him, however,  this was my decision.  We went through the dialogue again about aging, my neck, and in his opinion an obsession with cosmetic surgery.  I have had dermal fillers and Botox.  As well as a rhinoplasty many years ago.

After our conversation, I was relieved that the cat was out of the bag… I gave him my surgeon’s contact information and invited him to my pre-op appointment, which was in a few days.  I know- not much notice!!  To Be Continued…