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michele garberWelcome to all lovers of the art of beauty.  Be Beautiful Not Botched!

I started my blog for many reasons.  One of the main reasons is to cut through all the hype and misinformation in the Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Industry.  I hope to educate my readers on how to separate fairy tales from the truth.

My mission is Safety and Education in Beauty. My passion stems from over 20 years of  experience in the beauty industry  as a Beauty Industry  insider,  plastic surgery publicist, consumer and patient.

As a consumer and patient I’ve had good results, bad results, and mediocre results. I’ve been given excellent information and misinformation about treatments. I’ve had  an allergic reaction to filler, encapsulated filler, lumps and  a scar caused by a laser resurfacing treatment. My facelift experience was not the positive journey I would want my clients to have. As an early adopter to Botox injections (prior to FDA approval), I’ve been both over-Botox-ed and under Botox-ed.  I’ve looked like a duck, been bruised, swollen, red and scaly.  I’ve been treated by the top Thought Leaders in Dermatology  and Plastic Surgery with both great and average results.

On the professional side, I’ve worked with skin care manufactures and chemists who formulate private label professional products for the medical market, as well as consumer brands.  As a publicist, patient advocate  and marketer,  I’ve coached plastic surgeons, dermatologists, as well as other aesthetic  medical professionals.

All of my experiences has led to my ongoing passion to educate consumers on all aspects of aesthetic medicine.

As the aesthetic  industry becomes increasingly competitive, more non-core specialty doctors will enter the field of cosmetic producers.  It is more  important than ever before that you are well-informed and make the right choice.

Personally, I’ll continue to use modern technology and treatments to stay looking as good I as can. I’m happy to be living in an “age” of medical cosmetic  wonders.

As a patient advocate and cosmetic surgery coach, I hope to make a difference through patient education.  Through collaboration with the medical community and aesthetic companies we can strive for a safer industry.

Please visit my website The NipTuck Coach for more information on my coaching and patent advocacy practice.    My free  E-Book Safety First is available for download on my website.

Please subscribe to my podcast The NipTuck Talk Show  for the latest information and hot topics  in Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine featuring experts from around the globe. It is available to download on iTunes.

Please follow me on Twitter #niptuckcoach #safetyfirst and like us on Facebook  and our podcast fan page.

I welcome your comments, suggestions, links and feedback.

Thank you for visiting.




  1. Hi!

    I work for a beauty PR firm in NYC. We would love to send you product information and samples! Kindly send me your contact information.

    Thank you,
    Geena Tortorella
    Bambe Levine Public RElations


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