Summertime Chemical Peels : What You Should Know

Claudio Pinto, Master Medical Aesthetician, Chair of Project Beauty, Contributor writer for Glow Magazine and Online Beauty Expert for NewBeauty Magazine shares his expertise this month on Summertime Chemical Peels.

Q. What are the benefits of chemical peels?

Professional strength chemical peels assist in removing dead layers of damaged skin cells, improving texture revealing a healthier, glowing, fresh skin. It’s great for all ages and all skin types and conditions. We have a large array of chemical peels solutions available today that can address different conditions of the skin and deliver beautiful results.

Q Summer is here, is it safe to have a summertime chemical peel?

Some patients take advantage of the summer because they can afford downtime for more serious peel procedures. It will depend on the patient’s lifestyle. I would recommend a glycolic acid peel, or salicylic acid peel. Those are lighter in concentration and there’s pretty much NO downtime. It will freshen up the skin and unclog pores without any physical peeling. The lighter peels have great anti-aging benefits, however the results are not as effective as a stronger chemical peels.

Q. If you are considering a chemical peel during the summer what precautions should patient’s takes?

Regardless of what type of chemical peels SPF is a must.  Then the other aspect to consider is sun damage. It would make no sense to perform a chemical peel on a patient that’s going to  be severely exposed to the sun.  So the best approach would be to get a Glycolic or Salicylic acid peel on a Monday or Tuesday – By the time the weekend approached the skin would be back to normal and not so sensitive to the sun.

Q What chemical peels would you recommend?  How do they differ?

I recommend stronger peels than the milk Glycolic ones. The medium depth peels are great because they deliver amazing results with very minimal downtime. Now, this is if a patient is coming in with a specific concern in mind – like sun damage or anti-aging. If a patient gets chemical peels on a regular basis or is on a retin-a program they can enjoy the benefits of a lighter peel.

Medium Strength peels I recommend:

  • Jessner peels are great and better for oily/ combination or acne prone skin. You can layer and perform a very good peel and achieve excellent results. I  recommend  a Jessner to improve skin texture and address breakouts on thicker skin. It will cause physical peeling depending on how many layers of the acid have been applied.
  • The Perfect Peel – Is an effective chemical peel solution that’s new in the market. Its beautiful because it addresses many of the typical skin concerns. Anti-aging, texture, sundamage and more. The downtime is very social and the patient can still attend functions without feeling self conscious. It’s a nice combination of acid peels and it’s safe to use even on rosacea or sensitive skin.
  •  TCA – Trichloroethanoic acid – This is the strongest of the 3. But does come in various concentrations. This is a peel that I normally save for once a year or every 2 years. It will penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin and correct more serious sun damage and acne scars for example. For this chemical peel planning is required. Downtime is about 3 or 4 days depending on how many layers and what concentration has been used. This chemical peel will provide the patient with the most amazing results.

 Q  What skin prep if any should a patient do at home prior to a chemical peel?

I normally don’t worry about a home care protocol with the chemical peels except for the TCA, trichloroethanoic acid. All other peels can be customized to address your individual concerns and will provide you with amazing results. Normally the post care is the most important. I recommend that a patient come in for a consultation if they are interested in the TCA Peel and send him/her home with a home care regimen which includes retin-a and hydroquinone,which will prepare the skin for the peel and prevent from any complications. ANYONE can benefit from chemical peels but  SPF must be a part of their daily regimen.

Q Whom is best qualified to preform a chemical peel?

Medically trained skincare professionals. Medical Aestheticians, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.  You want to be treated by someone that has the experience and understands the proper protocols and will perform the best treatment for your skin. I don’t recommend getting a “chemical” peel in a spa. As those are not medical grade peels and you wont achieve desired results.

Q. What is the down time

There’s no downtime associated with light peels. With medium peels is more of a social downtime. There will be flaking/ peeling for about 2 days. During that time you can use moisturizer and SPF to help calm the skin – Out of all the peels discussed the only one with more serious downtime is the TCA which will be discussed with the patient during their initial consultation. Results will vary from patient to patient based on your skin condition, and how many layers of the treatment have been applied.

Q If a patient is planning to attend a special event. How many weeks or months in advance should they book a peel?

A light chemical peel can be done on a Monday for a Friday event for example. The medium depth peels I would say one week to 10 days that’s more than enough. By 10 days your skin will look fresh and at its best. Most patients are taking care of their skin in some level so the chemical peel is a professional cleaning that you can’t do yourself at home. Now the only exception would be if someone has had serious sun damage and /or is looking for a serious peel to address many conditions of the skin at once. For that patient you need about 1 month.

It’s important to invest in a medical grade chemical peel that’s performed by a professional. You can visit to find a skincare specialist near you. Do not waste time and money purchasing at home “chemical” peels – Trust the hands of a true professional who can deliver results and remember SPF on a Daily basis!

About Claudio Pinto

Claudio Pinto is a recognized expert on and Esthetician of the Year for Obagi Medical Products, expert on the Obagi Blue Peel – Claudio brings his wide experience and depth of knowledge to every patient he sees or consults on. With over 10 years experience in the cosmetic industry and partnerships with leading plastic surgeons, his use of advanced techniques and skill at treating difficult cases has made him the ‘go-to’ esthetician in New York.

He  is a  Master Medical Aesthetician – Member at Large and on the Board of Directors of the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists,, Chair of Project Beauty, a new service to patients from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, , Contributor writer for Glow Magazine,, and Online Beauty Expert for  NewBeauty Magazine,  With cutting edge experience and medical background Claudio has presented at the Academy of Dermatology Meeting, The Society of Dermatology Skincare Specialists Annual Meeting, Various beauty events in New York – And also will be presenting at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting in New Orleans in the Fall 2012.

Mr. Pinto is licensed in the State of New York and also a certified Make-Up Artist.



  1. Chemical peels are used world wide now for beauty treatment. So it is important to have complete information before going any treatment. Thank you for the post. Useful information.


  2. Sir i am from india…due to severe sun damage my doctor advised to undergo skin peel in may month but the climate here in month will be too hot…will it be safe for me to undergo skin peel that time…my only fear ia that due to heat will my skin cause more acne


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