Safety First EBook

“The 10 Golden Rules for Safe Cosmetic Surgery”

You can return your designer shoes, but you can’t return your face and body! Choose Wisely” Michele Garber, The NipTuck Coach

 Helping you naviagate the confusing world of plastic surgery.

Be Beautiful Not Botched!! Do your research first!! Know what questions to ask your surgeon. Having Plastic Surgery is a lifetime commitment.

Most patients when they first embark on this journey are very confused by all the different information they read from internet sources, friends and surgeon consults. They often forget to ask some key questions and to vet their surgeon, not only based on their board certifications, but also on their experience in the particular surgery that they are seeking.  In fact, many patients solely rely on information from their friends  or Yelp.

Cosmetic surgery is not a commodity  like a luxury car or pair of Louboutin shoes.  It’s your face and body and you only have one.

I’ve written this guide based on my own personal experiences  and experiences from the many clients I see coast-to-coast. There is a gap between patent and surgeon communication, that I am striving to close.

Before you make a decision on having any procedure, download this FREE guide. You will be happy that you did.


“Safety First” is amazing, not only in content but the presentation. Michele have very succinctly nailed everything the lay person should consider before signing on the line. “

Dr. David Goodkind, Plastic Surgeon.




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