Chin Implants: Rise in Popularity

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Board Certified San Francisco Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Donald Brown to discuss the popularity of chin implants due to the increase of online video marketing and Skype.Dr.DonaldBrown

Dr. Brown, have you seen an increase in chin implant surgeries recently? Is there a shift in ages and Why?

Yes, we are seeing an increase in the number of chin implants. Most patients come from one of two groups. The younger patients in their 20’s typically combine a chin implant with rhinoplasty (nasal) surgery. The older group are in their 50 and 60’s and combine the use of a chin implant with facial rejuvenation.

Many people follow celebrity plastic surgery. Do you think the number of celebrities having chin implants is an influential factor?

No, here in San Francisco, I find that most of my patients are not influenced by celebrities having surgery. They understand their own anatomy and understand what a great benefit it would be to improve their appearance.

Do you see more men coming in for chin implants than in the past?

The number of men having plastic surgery is increasing so there is an increase in the number of chin implants.

Plastic Surgery technology is evolving. How have Chin Implants improved over the years?

Chin implants are now better shaped and come in more sizes.

What is the difference between Medpore or Silastic Implants. Which do you prefer?

Medpor implants allow for tissue ingrowth into the implant, however I along with most plastic surgeons prefer Siliastic implants as they are softer to the touch and tend to conform to small boney irregularities easier.

How do you evaluate the face as to whether or not a patient would benefit from a chin implant?

I take photos and review them in a computer which allows me to change their profile so that they can see the improvement possible.

How do you perform the surgery?

Through an incision ether in the mouth or beneath the chin a small pocket is created to fit the implant into.

What is the typical recovery time? How soon will the patient see the final results?

The swelling lasts for several weeks. Patients typically return to work several days after the surgery. The final result may not become evident for up to six months following surgery.

What percentages of rhinoplasty patients also have a chin implant?

Approximately 50%

As we age, our chin drops. Do you typically advise your patients who are having Facelifts to also have a chin implant to improve their jawline?

Yes, particularly if they have a “witches chin”.

Many plastic surgeons are using HA fillers and Radiesse as a non-surgical method to improve the jawline. What are your views on this?

Both HA fillers can be used to improve the jaw line. I prefer not to use Radiesse as there have been some problems associated with its use.

What is the average cost in your practice for chin implants?

The surgical fee is around $2000

What are the known risks of a chin implant? 

There are the same risks as with any surgical procedure :infection, bad scarring, movement of the implant and possible sensory nerve damage.

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