Considering Plastic Surgery: Questions to Ask

Are you considering plastic surgery ?

Do your own research do not rely on websites, Yelp, or choose a surgeon because they have the most You Tube videos.

Here are the Top Questions to ask your surgeon.

1. What is the surgeon’s credentials and what certified boards to they belong to? The official site is The American Society of Plastic Surgeons,  The American Board of Plastic Surgery  There are additionally local boards that surgeons belong to in the city where they practice. Fellowships and training are also important information and should be taken into consideration as well as teaching positions, and published articles in peer reviewed literature rather than mass market books.

2. How many years have you been practicing?

3. How many procedures ( Your procedure) have you performed in the last 10 years? Look for at least 2-3 per week.

4.  Where are your hospital privileges?  Is your surgery center accredited? What is the accreditation and ask for a tour.

5. Are you licensed in another state? If so where? (There are websites where you can check to see if the surgeon has any malpractice or negligence suites, or whether his license has ever been suspended). You have every right to question this.

6. What is your revision policy?

7. How many revision surgeries do you perform on your own patients?

8. Ask for current before and after pictures. Have they been re-touched?

9. Can I speak to a patient who has had the same procedure that I am interested in?

10. What type of anesthesia do you prefer and why? Who is your anesthesiologist?  Ask about their credentials.

11. What can I expect realistically for my recovery time?

12. How do you handle complications?

13. If you are planning on going to a surgeon out of town find out their post-op care plans, whether they have hospital privileges, and who will be following up with you.

You only have one face and body!!

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One comment

  1. Nice article, Michele.
    I am also impressed when a plastic surgeon is affiliated with the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as their is a vetting process to be accepted. If they are an active member (i.e. on a board, hold an office, etc) that is an added bonus. then I feel they are probably at the top of their game.
    As I always caution prospective patients, this is surgery. Research your potential surgeon for cosmetic work just as you would for a medical condition requiring surgery.


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