Bathing in CBD Hemp Oil Infused So-Fizzzed Up Bath Bomb

Some of you reading this blog probably remember  when  Mary Jane (marijuana ), Pot was illegal.  People smoked weed mainly to get high.  Who knew about CBD oil or any of the other active cannabinoids in cannabis (marijuana). Times are changing very rapidly with the legalization of medical cannabis across the nation and recreational cannabis legal in some states including California.

I never heard of CBD oil until recently. Let’s talk a little about what CBD oil is.

CBD is a Cannabidiol, the non-psychotropic active ingredient in cannabis.   Cannabis has at least 113 active cannabinoids.  The “high” comes from tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC in cannabis.  CBD is legal and you don’t need a medical marijuana card to buy it. You can buy it online in many forms.   In fact there are many medicinal qualities to CBD. CBD treats anxiety, it helps reduce pain and inflammation, even PMS.  It’s even being used to treat  multiple sclerosis, cancer and fibromyalgia.  Works to help ease PMS and even depression. There are new studies being done on the many medicinal qualities of CBD.  Pure CBD oil also helps you to come down from too much THC.

CBD is rapidly becoming a buzz word in the beauty and health industry. Many new  products infused with CBD oil are entering the market, including skin care products, sun blocks,  tinctures, bath oils, bubble bath, salves to name a few.

I’ve become very curious about CBD oil and its medicinal effects especially for my plastic surgery clients.  I recently had the opportunity to try a hand-made CBD infused bath bomb!

I met with the Owner of So Fizzed Up, Meli Bowman, to try one of her hand-made CBD  Bath Bombs.

I wanted to experience bathing in CBD oil, feeling its therapeutic and calming effect. Plus it sounded like fun!!  I choose the lemon bath bomb. Each bath bomb is decorated with little colorful stones. It’s a cute presentation.


I  wanted to experience the medicinal effects after a hard Yoga class. I unwrapped the bomb, it started to crumble so I immediately put it into the tub water.  I  would recommend unwrapping it above your tub or under running water.

My video plans bombed because I apparently did not turn on “record”. 😦   The bath bomb  fizzed and dissolved quickly.  At first it smelled very lemony,  but as the tub filled up the  strong scent started to dissipate.  My bath water was first bright yellow and by the time the tub filled up it looked green. IMG_5683

I got into the tub and stayed in for about 15 minutes enjoying my bath, feeling very relaxed.  The water made my skin feel really soft. When I got out of the tub my body felt more relaxed and open.  My normally dry skin was moisturized and soft. An added plus. I was not “high”!! CBD alone does not make you “high”. I don’t know the effect of a CBD and THC bath.

The little stones were on the bottom on my tube. I fetched them out of the water before I drained the tub.  After the water drained out there was  yellow residue left on the bottom of my white tub. I had to get into the tub and wash away the yellow film. I’m not sure if this is typical of colored bath bombs.

Here is a list of the ingredients: citric acid, epsom salt, vitamin b oil, coconut oil, baking soda, essential oil, fragrance oil. (rose bath bomb has real rose petals in them, lavender has real lavender in them, the mint has real mint in them.) Everything is organic besides the baking soda-its non gmo and aluminum free.

The bath bomb is hemp derived and infused with 30 mg of CBD oil.  You can only use it one time.  It comes in two sizes, 30mg round and square which retails for $15.00 and a mini 10mg bomb for $5.00.

In conclusion, I liked the bath bomb, except for the clean-up.  Soaking in CBD oil is more fun then Epson Salts. I’ll try the lavender next time when my body feels sore or stiff.  The price may be a little steep for a bath bomb, but it is handmade, local and infused with CBD oil.

You can follow So Fizzed Up on Instagram and Facebook @sofizzedup. Meli says her website will be live soon!!

You can follow Michele on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @niptuckcoach







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  2. That’s cool that you could get a CBD infused bath bomb for less than twenty dollars. I would have thought that it would be a lot more expensive for a bigger one like that. I might have to give that a try since bath bombs are relaxing, and I have heard that so is CBD oil.


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