Silver Hair

My Silver Hair Transformation Complete! 2020

The day final arrived!!

Archer Salon, San Francisco. Gari James is the owner and Colorist Extraordinaire

2020 certainly was a year full of challenges. When we started shelter in place in March, 2020, I had just moved and Covid-19 entered our lives. The last time I saw my colorist, Gari at Archer Salon in San Francisco was February, 2020. I was planning to go once we moved- at the end of March for my 8 week color touch-up. Well, we all know what happened next…

Shut down of all hair and nail salons. So, I waited it out, thinking that everything would open back up fairly quickly! Who would have thought…….

Finally on November 5 after months and months of anticipation, the day came for my color transition from my grown out faded red hair and stripped white roots to silver-grey. I honestly was not how my hair would look. I was both excited and nervous too, as I knew my color would need to be bleached. I’ve read so many horror stories about hair damage after bleaching. Plus my previous colorist told me that I would have to cut my hair to really transition to grey the right way. I had contemplated going grey before…

Would going grey make me look older or at least my age!!? Over 60.

I was the only one in the hair salon that day. Gari and his assistant gave me the VIP Covid safe treatment, which included a private parking spot right in front of the salon.. huge since the salon is on a (once) busy street in Union Square, a black paper mask, and a pair comfy velvet booties. The process took about 9 hours. My hair was bleached and checked in stages. The good news- I was told that my red lifted much more easily than Gari thought it would. I was happy about that too.

The time actually went by quickly. It was nice to catch up… I was getting really excited to see the outcome.

Once the my hair was bleached then Gari deposited different color glosses and toners, plus Olaplex to minimize any damage.

I was thrilled to see my transformation and absolutely loved the outcome. The color looked gorgeous and I felt younger and lighter.. go figure. I sent some photos to my husband… who even now is not quite sure he likes it.

Experimenting with different make-up shades and colors is fun. I can now wear colors that I could not as a red-head. I get lots of compliments too!! Except my husband is still debating!

It’s been 12 weeks since my color change.. and I continue to love the look. The salons are shut down again, but that’s Ok. On Gari’s advise I bought, Mr. Smith Blond to minimize any yellowing and Guy-Tang Color 10A to use as a gloss every 8 weeks or so.

I’d love to go just a tiny bit more silver.

There is some breakage, but I’ve been taking care of my hair by continuing using Olaplex No. 0, No. 3, No. 6 Plus weekly shampooing with Mr. Smith. Blond.

I get lots of compliments too!!

By the end of 2021 all my true color should be revealed!!

Happy New Year!!

Silver Hair Journey Part 2 @shamelesslysilver

It’s been 20 weeks since my last hair color.

I’m thrilled to see tiny little fuzzy white and black hairs filling in where my hair has thinned. My new hair growth feels silkier and smoother, but my ends are fried because hair salons have been closed since Mid-March. I’m using lots of moroccan oil on my split ends, deep conditioning and only washing my hair once a week. Loving updos for now until I can get a good cut! There are so many inspiring YouTube tutorials for silver hair from my silver hair sisters.


I’m surprised to see so many thin strands of my natural black hair peeking through around my hair line. So cool to see my hair fill in where it was thinning. As a little girl people used to comment about how blue black my hair looked. Over the years my color has changed to a dark brown, auburn with highlights and lowlights, light reddish blond, dark blonde, back to auburn and finally red. Red my signature hair color, as my friends would say. I have to admit, I did question this transition at first. But keeping up with color just became too much.

My red hair color was gorgeous out of my colorist chair, then within a week grey roots started showing up. On one hand I’m lucky, my hair grows fast. I hated my roots and immediately grabbed WOW powder for touch ups. Then about a week later in-between salon visits, I mixed three different Clairol Color Root Touch-up boxes. I’d have a little left from each box to play with until my next professional color. I also started purchasing tubes of professional color from my colorist to stretch out my salon visits.

Before Covid-19 my roots were growing in and I was planning a salon visit. My last color was in February 2020. Then Shelter in Place and all salons closed. For weeks I wore hats, even on Zoom calls. I contemplated getting a touch -up color kit from my salon to tide me over, but by the time I was ready it was too late. My roots have grown in too much for a simple touch-up. It’s now or never to go silver. I’ve had the perfect start!

It’s going on week 20 since my last color. I’m excited to see my transformation, though I have to be honest, being a plastic surgery coach, I hesitated just a little. As my birthday draws near I’m embracing the new me.

Beauty is not defined by age or hair color!!

Michele Garber- The NipTuck Coach

I recently posted some pictures on Facebook. Some of the comments from my friends surprised me,” You look entirely different,” and “softer“. Along with stunning, chic, and gorgeous. I’m sure there will be many more as my hair goes through different renditions of grey, and silver. Part of the fun is exploring colors that look best with my skin tone and new hair color. A good excuse to go shopping. It’s time to call on a make-up artist and fashion color specialist.

You can follow my journey on Instagram @shamelesslysilver