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Silver Hair Journey Part 2 @shamelesslysilver

It’s been 20 weeks since my last hair color.

I’m thrilled to see tiny little fuzzy white and black hairs filling in where my hair has thinned. My new hair growth feels silkier and smoother, but my ends are fried because hair salons have been closed since Mid-March. I’m using lots of moroccan oil on my split ends, deep conditioning and only washing my hair once a week. Loving updos for now until I can get a good cut! There are so many inspiring YouTube tutorials for silver hair from my silver hair sisters.


I’m surprised to see so many thin strands of my natural black hair peeking through around my hair line. So cool to see my hair fill in where it was thinning. As a little girl people used to comment about how blue black my hair looked. Over the years my color has changed to a dark brown, auburn with highlights and lowlights, light reddish blond, dark blonde, back to auburn and finally red. Red my signature hair color, as my friends would say. I have to admit, I did question this transition at first. But keeping up with color just became too much.

My red hair color was gorgeous out of my colorist chair, then within a week grey roots started showing up. On one hand I’m lucky, my hair grows fast. I hated my roots and immediately grabbed WOW powder for touch ups. Then about a week later in-between salon visits, I mixed three different Clairol Color Root Touch-up boxes. I’d have a little left from each box to play with until my next professional color. I also started purchasing tubes of professional color from my colorist to stretch out my salon visits.

Before Covid-19 my roots were growing in and I was planning a salon visit. My last color was in February 2020. Then Shelter in Place and all salons closed. For weeks I wore hats, even on Zoom calls. I contemplated getting a touch -up color kit from my salon to tide me over, but by the time I was ready it was too late. My roots have grown in too much for a simple touch-up. It’s now or never to go silver. I’ve had the perfect start!

It’s going on week 20 since my last color. I’m excited to see my transformation, though I have to be honest, being a plastic surgery coach, I hesitated just a little. As my birthday draws near I’m embracing the new me.

Beauty is not defined by age or hair color!!

Michele Garber- The NipTuck Coach

I recently posted some pictures on Facebook. Some of the comments from my friends surprised me,” You look entirely different,” and “softer“. Along with stunning, chic, and gorgeous. I’m sure there will be many more as my hair goes through different renditions of grey, and silver. Part of the fun is exploring colors that look best with my skin tone and new hair color. A good excuse to go shopping. It’s time to call on a make-up artist and fashion color specialist.

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12 Things Plastic Surgeons Wish They Could Tell You

12 Things Plastic Surgeons Wish They Could Tell You

by Guest Blogger Amy Gallo

Plastic surgery is becoming popular with each passing day. The most shocking thing is that most patients are willing to get under the knife without even asking the surgeon questions. What you should know is that there are both risks and benefits associated with any plastic surgery. There are many things that your Plastic Surgeon wishes he could tell you but won’t.

Below is a list of 12 things your surgeon won’t tell you, though they wish they could.

1) Get Surgery for You

Many people go for plastic surgery simply because their friends did the same or their loved ones think it is the best thing to do. The decision should be yours entirely without someone pressuring you to do it.

2) Some Surgeons Will Operate on Anyone

Some doctors are just out to make money and pay their bills. If you decide to go for plastic surgery, always make sure the surgeon is board certified. Another great aspect is a doctor you can fully trust as this is very important to your health and wellbeing.

3) A Surgery Specialist Is Not a Fairy Godmother

Always have realistic expectations when going to your surgeon. Remember that your body has a limit to what it can handle. It is wrong to want to look like a certain celebrity. Surgeons are not miracle workers; they can only make a better version of you.

4) Getting Turned Down Could Be Good (more…)

Product Review: Lumity Life

I was introduced to Lumity Life while attending an aesthetic medical meeting.  I love trying new anti-aging products and was given a 3 month supply.  Lumity recommends that you try the product for 3 months to feel and see the benefits.

Sara Palmer Hussey, Phd is the creator of  Lumity.  “Lumity’s approach is unique in that we are the only supplement to counter all 9 causes of aging from within.”  Oxidative Damage, Cellular Debris, Glycation, Telomere Shortening, DNA Damage, Inflammation, Cellular Energy Decline, Insulin Resistance and Hormonal Decline.

According to Dr. Hussey, Lumity is the first supplement that addresses all 9 causes of aging.  Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, a practicing board-certified dermatologist, conducted an independent double-blind  clinical trial. The trial results indicated that while taking Lumity  for 90 days patients felt improvement in their overall wellness. There are many existing  articles and clinical data  on the vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the product. Lumity is manufactured in California.

My first thought upon seeing the product was that the packaging was pretty, the product contained many important vitamins/minerals and the concept intriguing. There are two bottles, one labeled for the morning and one for the evening.  The morning soft-gels are mocha-colored and contain a mix of Vitamins A, E, D and C, selenium, turmeric root extract, iodine, magnesium, zinc, flaxseed oil and Lumity Vita Complex for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and increased energy. The vanilla-colored soft gels contain a mix of amino acids, flaxseed oil, and the Lumity Renew Complex, for better sleep and cell renewal.  Lumity’s Renew and Vita Complexes contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria and cell regenerating properties plus anti-oxidants, and amino acids.

The morning formula helps to defend against environmental and lifestyle aggressors, support energy production and reduce inflammation.  The night formula promotes repair and recovery, replenishes vital antioxidants and nutrients and supports the clearing of cellular debris. It also helps stimulate the release of HGH.
I’m not very disciplined about taking vitamins so I was not sure that I could commit to taking 3 soft gels in the morning and 3 in the evening.  I’m also a big skeptic when it comes to “manufacturer claims”. As there is so much hype in this crowded anti-aging market. Many claims made by anti-aging products either lack the scientific data or are in a grey zone of efficacy. The FDA does not regulate supplements.

Since I was not taking any multi-vitamins at the time and feeling a little blah.. I decided  this was a perfect time to try Lumity.

To remind myself to take the capsules, I put the AM bottle near my morning coffee and the PM bottle next to my dog’s evening medicine. This worked and eventually became a habit.