12 Things Plastic Surgeons Wish They Could Tell You

12 Things Plastic Surgeons Wish They Could Tell You

by Guest Blogger Amy Gallo

Plastic surgery is becoming popular with each passing day. The most shocking thing is that most patients are willing to get under the knife without even asking the surgeon questions. What you should know is that there are both risks and benefits associated with any plastic surgery. There are many things that your Plastic Surgeon wishes he could tell you but won’t.

Below is a list of 12 things your surgeon won’t tell you, though they wish they could.

1) Get Surgery for You

Many people go for plastic surgery simply because their friends did the same or their loved ones think it is the best thing to do. The decision should be yours entirely without someone pressuring you to do it.

2) Some Surgeons Will Operate on Anyone

Some doctors are just out to make money and pay their bills. If you decide to go for plastic surgery, always make sure the surgeon is board certified. Another great aspect is a doctor you can fully trust as this is very important to your health and wellbeing.

3) A Surgery Specialist Is Not a Fairy Godmother

Always have realistic expectations when going to your surgeon. Remember that your body has a limit to what it can handle. It is wrong to want to look like a certain celebrity. Surgeons are not miracle workers; they can only make a better version of you.

4) Getting Turned Down Could Be Good

Sometimes, it is good to be told no. This is because you might not be a right candidate. If a surgeon tells you no, he might be trying to protect you from future problems.

5) Getting Surgery Won’t Fix Your Life

You will not be able to change a cheating boyfriend by simply getting a breast lift. Your husband will also not stick around just because you got a facelift. Surgery can improve your life, but it will not fix all your problems.


6) Do Not go for Surgery to Feel More Beautiful
If you are unhappy with your looks, the chances are that you will feel the same even after the surgery. Do not be fooled to think that you will instantly feel beautiful after a breast augmentation or brow lift.

7) It Can Become a Vicious Cycle

You will find people going back to the operating table after a recent surgery simply because they were not happy with the results of previous surgeries. This can go on and on as someone tries to get perfect results. There is no such thing as perfect when it comes to plastic surgery.

8) You Should Know Your Pain Tolerance Level

With all surgeries comes pain, and this is no exception. Although you will enjoy the visible results in the long-run, know that there is a lot of pain involved with the recovery process. Be prepared to face complications that might arise and know how to handle them.

9) You Should First See a Therapist

It is good to see a therapist beforehand and explain why you want to go through the process even before consulting a surgeon. A therapist will help you know what you need from the surgery.

10) It Is Not Easy to Fix Bad Surgery

Regardless of what you see broadcast on television, corrective surgery is very hard to do, and the risks involved tend to increase.

12) They Laugh at You Sometimes

Some of the questions patients ask  leave doctors laughing, but not maliciously. After all, they are humans too.


If you are planning to get any plastic surgeries done on you, do your homework first and know all the possible risks associated with such procedures. They should enhance your beauty not become a source of pain.









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