Five hours later, I woke up. No nausea.  I was under MAC monitored anesthesia care. Felt nothing and had no nausea. Definitely a better option then general anesthesia. I would recommend not going under general, however it is best to confer with your surgeon.

My head felt tight. I had a helmet  on covering my head, which wrapped around my chin, and my eyes were gooey from the ointment  in them. I felt a little pain around the area where the sutures were and took a Vicodin . I heard my nurse’s voice, but I  could not really see her.  I don’t remember how I got dressed, but I do remember getting into the car to drive  to the Hyatt, down the road. Once there  I got undressed and went straight to bed.

Lisa, my nurse, plumped up a couple of pillows amd placed them on-top of the slanted memory foam pillow that I had purchased.  She elevated my head to reduce the  swelling.  I felt fairly comfortable. Lisa soaked the gauze pads in ice and p;aced them on my face, eyes and neck. Icing is important – it helps to reduce the swelling.  I took more pain meds and went to sleep.  Lisa, took my vital signs frequently, and when I woke she gave me some juice and applesauce. I actually was hungry since I had not eaten anything in 24 hours.  Opening my mouth was difficult due to the swelling.  My lips felt stiff,(I also had some lip filler)  and my face felt tight.  The pain increased and Lisa gave me two Vicodin.  I tried to sleep and dosed on and off.  Then Lisa woked me up to tell me that I there was a lot of blood on my pillow. I was bleeding on the left side of my head and my pillow was pretty soaked in blood.  She contacted my surgeon who suggested we come back to the office early in AM to check this out.  I continued to soak my face with cold compresses, while Lisa also put pressure on the side of my head to try and stop the bleeding.

Day 2.  At 7AM the next morning, we drove back to my surgeon’s office. Luckily, it was only five minutes down the road. I was feeling very tired, not having slept much, and was anxious about the bleeding.  My surgeon, checked my head thoroughly  and assured us that everything was normal. He added a couple of stitches in and around the staples just in case.  He removed the helmet, the drains and wrapped my head and with an ace bandage. I received some Percocet instead of Vicodin and was told to relax.  We went  back to Hyatt and I finally fell asleep. The Percocet was working much better than the Vicodin.  My dressing was feeling tight.

The bleeding persisted, I tried to not worry, since my surgeon assured me that all was OK.  I had not looked in a mirror yet, and had no idea what I looked liked.  I continued to apply cold compresses, and ointment in my eyes. I could not see very well due to my upper Bleph surgery.  Lisa was to be replaced by my husband, my surgeon wanted to see me again, since I was still bleeding.

Later that morning, my husband walked through the door and freaked out,  “OMG you look horrible!” At that moment he was not happy.  He was not prepared to see me all puffy, bruised with swollen eyes.  I had not told  him about my  upper eyelid surgery. I knew that he would react like this , so I stayed calm and matter – of -fact. Well, what did you expect??  He accompanied  me back the office with Lisa one more time to check the bleeding.  If Lisa did not have another case to go to, I would have hired her for the next 24 hours.  In hind sight, it would have been wiser to hire a nurse for the first 48 hours, especially if your husband is not a good nurse.

Again, I was told that the bleeding was nothing to be alarmed about, to go back to the hotel, relax, ice and sleep. I was not in much pain, however  the bandages around my face were uncomfortable. My throat felt sore and my eyes were puffy . There was a feeling of tightness especially around my neck area.

Around mid-night, I woke up and saw a lot of blood again on my pillow. Now, I was becoming anxious, since I had been bleeding for over 24 hours.  My husband called my surgeon and spoke to his wife, who told me to relax, take a valium and come in again in the morning. That this was not cause for alarm.

Day 3-  My husband and I went back to the office. In the elevator, one of the surgical nurses, said my eyes looked great!! I asked her how could she tell, they was all swollen.. She said she could.. it made me feel better… Dr. L took me into OR this time and cleaned me up. My hair was matted with dried blood. He changed my dressing on my head and said that everything looked fine, to come back on Tuesday for my stitches to be removed by his brother, who is a dermatologist. My staples were removed and the remaining sutures were disposable.  I was to shower and wash my hair gently on day 4 with Baby Shampoo.

I have still not looked at myself. I am taking Percocet every 4-6 hours for pain. My husband and I  left the Hyatt to drive home.   By now, the bleeding had finally stopped  Yay!! 🙂   I felt relieved. We arrived home in the afternoon of day 3.  I walked into the house, with my head all bandaged. My dog started barking and growling at me, it was quite amusing. I guess, I must have looked pretty horrible and perhaps she could smell the blood.  She was afraid of me and I slowly had to coax her to come to me. She finally did.  I went right into bed and started icing and  soaking  my eyes with cool gauge pads. They are still blurry from the surgery  and I had to keep putting ointment in them.

I bought magazines, had some CD’s and my computer to keep me busy. I am not to move my head from side -to-side.

Is this all worth it? I certainly hope so.


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