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Filling Eye Hollows with Dermal Fillers: What Are The Risks?

Deep hollows under your eyes can make you look tired and dull.

HA fillers can fill your hollows for a refreshed and more youthful look.

Filling eye hollows is a delicate business and there are risks. The biggest risk is bruising, lumps, overfilling and swelling. In some cases if not done properly it can actually make your lower eye area look worse.   Today there are more hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers in the aesthetic tool box and techniques for treating this delicate area have improved.

I’ve read many posts online about patients who have had fillers and are experiencing puffiness, lumps, bruising, swelling and a baggy look after the injections. Others have  good results. I’ve also experienced good and bad results.  Please choose your injector wisely. This is a very difficult area to treat.

Performing “tear trough” treatments to the hollow area under the eyes requires meticulous technique.  When done correctly the results are very satisfying.  The most important factor is to go to an injector who is has a lot of experience in this area.

Below are some guidelines to consider before you jump into filling your eye hollows (tear trough).

Parts of this post was originally written in 20o9 when I had my tear troughs treated for the first time.

A business colleague had her tear trough area filled by a local plastic surgeon in San Francisco, CA .  I was very impressed with her results and decided to fill my eye hollows, for a more youthful look.  At the time there were only two HA fillers on the market Juvederm and Restylane. Although both fillers were very similar Juvederm tends to create more puffiness in the eye area than Restylane, as it absorbs more water. My surgeon choose Juvederm which surprised me because Restylane was the preferred filler for this area. However, I trusted his judgement.

Afterwards I very bruised, swollen and lumpy. I waited patiently a couple of weeks hoping it would resolve. The bruising diminished but the puffiness persisted. I looked like I had been punched in the face and knew that OI needed a correction. Fortunately HA fillers can easily be dissolved with hyaluronidase. (more…)

Thinking About Plastic Surgery: New Concierge Service

Thinking about a cosmetic surgery procedure? Not sure where to start?

Plastic Surgery Consulting Service Debuts in San Francisco

Read what Dr. Roy Kim, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon, is saying about our new services.

Part life coach, part matchmaker, part resource library and part girlfriend. That is how I would describe a new Bay Area plastic surgery consulting service called The Nip Tuck Coach.

What is a plastic surgery consulting service? Well, it’s somewhat of a new concept to me, too, but one that I find pretty interesting.


One Woman’s Journey Through Blepharoplasty -Upper Eyelid Surgery…

Have you ever thought about having an eyelift or removing the bags from your eyes?  Maybe you have, but feel conflicted for many personal reasons…. Here is one woman’s journey, through upper eyelid surgery.

Read her whole story @

“Now that I’m actually planning for this procedure it makes me reflect on what cosmetic surgery means to me. It has a connotation to it that can be negative in some circles such as the yoga world where it is believed that you should be proud of who you are naturally, respecting the aging process and that yoga has the power to keep you as youthful as you are meant to be: your true Self. ”

“He has no disease, nor old age, nor death, who has attained a body born of the fire of yoga” (the Upanishads).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pre-surgery Planning for Upper Eyelids (Blepharoplasty)

Here I am… embarking on a journey of getting upper eyelid cosmetic surgery! It is technically known as Blepharoplasty.

I find that there is more planning involved than I had imagined. Before even making an appointment I thought most about the timing and when I’d have some downtime to be alone. With three kids 80% of the time I had a little leeway, but planning was important so that I could have the surgery and healing time available in order to keep it a secret. For it is my intention to have an end result that does not look like an obvious surgery, but simply enhances who I am…….

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